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    How to Unleash Positivity Into Your Freelancing Career

    August 27, 2015

August 27, 2015

How to Unleash Positivity Into Your Freelancing Career

Freelance Career Positivity

Entrepreneurship is awesome and freelancing is a great start for your entrepreneurial journey.

However, it isn’t going to be an easy task managing yourself, your freelancing career, find clients, deliver work, get paid, and then go find some more clients only to deliver more work, and then chase invoices all the more.

As you can see, actually going through this cycle isn’t as easy as it was to write it out. We all come with our biases, emotions, likes dislikes, and our own ways of doing things.

Often, it gets a little too much to handle. Days seem short, your effort seems incomplete, the value you provide can remain unappreciated, and you might not get what you really wanted from it.

Here’s the thing: if you aren’t getting what you wanted, it’s not because of the economy, the clients, your work, or anything else. It’s all because of you.

Since “you” are so important, you have a need to unleash a great degree of positivity into your freelancing career (and hence into your life).

Let’s see how to build up that freelance career positivity:

Bring in that pride


If you were half as good as you thought you were at your freelancing career (the actual work that you do and the real person that you are), you are worth every dime you make.

Don’t let clients who hunt for cheap work affect you. Don’t let competition deter you. Don’t suffer the wrath of others’ reflection about you. Don’t even bother to question yourself or wallow in self-doubt.

You are what you are. You only get better from here.

Put yourself at the epicenter


Not happy with the work you picked up? Not satisfied with the progress you are making in your freelancing career? Do you find yourself too much to do each day but you come off with just a little more than half of your to-do list? Unhappy with the amount of money you make each month?

You are the reason why that happens. We aren’t about to prophesize any self-help stuff here, but owe it yourself to identify causes and resolve your problems, one after the other.

Believe. In. Yourself


Do you believe in the law of Attraction? If you haven’t bothered with it, now is a good time to start. If you already do, now is a good time to commit yourself to a lifetime of following.

Since you have no onboarding, training, motivation sessions, and no mentors to speak of, you are your own mentor. You are your own trainer. You better believe. In. Yourself

Protect your time


Be it now or later, time is going to be so precious that you might want to start guarding it right now. Don’t allow common distractions like the phone, other people, family, acquaintances, the Internet, and those pesky telesales people.

Ward them all off. When it’s your time, it’s your time. The world will come around to either hate you or respect. Both the outcomes are fine.

How positive are you? What do you do to uplift your own freelancing career?


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