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    Examples of Freelancers Who Learned New Skills & Made it Big

    December 18, 2015

December 18, 2015

Examples of Freelancers Who Learned New Skills & Made it Big

Learn New Skills

Passion for new skills can born anytime in life. And if you can use the skill you’re passionate about the right way, you can make big money and lots of visibility for your expertise. New skills not only will help you get many attractive jobs, they also can help you meet new professionals from other backgrounds, ideas and expertise.

The whole process will help you become a part of a larger community. The more you will learn new skills, your brain will become stronger in critical thinking. Eventually, it will give you the ability to learn fast, shift your focus on more positive things and help you grow as a freelancer.

Chase Jarvis’s Photography Skills Helped Him Establish a Company


Jarvis never knew about his passion for photography until one day he actually thought of using the camera left by his grandfather. When Chase Jarvis was planning to apply to a medical school after completing his graduation, he was informed about his grandfather’s unfortunate death. His grandfather was a photographer.

Jarvis one day suddenly found one of the cameras his grandfather used. So when Jarvis planned for an Europe trip with his girlfriend after graduation, he decided to take the camera with him just to capture some trip photographs. During that time, he immediately realized that he was in love with photography.

After they returned from their Europe trip, Jarvis decided to go to Steamboat Springs to get some photographs of the snowboarders and skiers. He did an amazing work. He was able to licence some of his great photos at $500.

Eventually with time, he earned so much money with his few licensed photographs that he could open his own shop. After being associated with several big brands (Apple, Red Bull and Nike) as a freelance photographer, Jarvis opened his own company called Creative Live. It educates students about how to cultivate creative skills.

Aline Brosh Mckenna Became a Screenwriter from a Freelance Writer


She used to be a freelance writer. But now, she is a famous screenwriter. It’s amazing to see how she turned her dream into a successful profession. Aline didn’t have a screenwriting skill from the beginning. She took a six week screenwriting course when she was working as freelance writer for women’s magazine. She got a big chance when she got to write for a film. She wrote many scripts for films including The Devils Wears Prada and also 27 Dresses. She advises everyone to follow their dreams.

According to Aline, persistence is the key to success. You’ll have to keep on trying. And if you are one of them who never stop learning, or always love to develop interest in new skills, you’re the luckiest.

Learning new skills is an amazing thing. It’s never right to say that you should be expert in only one thing. Also, it’s your thought and efforts that count. No one is interested to know what your educational background is. What really matters is that how you can help people. New skills can help you develop abilities to solve complex problems. You just need to figure out what makes you happy and confident.


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