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    Email Marketing: Why Freelancers Should Stick to It?

    August 25, 2015

August 25, 2015

Email Marketing: Why Freelancers Should Stick to It?

Email Marketing for Freelancing

Social media is hot, glamorous, and sexy. It’s what everyone talks about and most freelancers believe that it’s the best way to get business.

It is. Maybe it also isn’t.

Social media has “social” in it. What that means is that your social media account can give you exposure, branding, impressions, and help you build relationships. It might also get you an occasional sale.

Social media, however, isn’t like a marketplace where you could pitch, sell, and sell some more.

If you had to depend on a marketing channel for sales on a consistent basis, plus everything social media could give you, trust email marketing.

Email marketing is the old workhorse. It’s not hot but it works (and how). For freelancers, using email marketing paves the perfect inroads into inbound marketing.

Here’s why you should learn to depend on email marketing for freelancing:

Email Marketing is the bridge for your marketing funnel


With email, you could do automation. You could set up full-blown marketing funnels or even micro-funnels and nurture leads that way. Automated emails using auto responders, for instance, can be completely automated. A few email programs also offer behavior-based emails, transactional emails, and more.

With an ROI of 4300%, you can’t ignore the real best email marketing is.

Email marketing Helps Nurture Your Leads


Freelancing is basically into B2B. Say, if you are a freelance copywriter or blogger, your primary market comprises of other businesses (whether they are single personal businesses or major conglomerates).

B2B buyers typically take longer time to close sales since the decision-making process involves plenty of stakeholders.

Nurturing leads for B2B segment can get real expensive with paid ads or traditional advertising. Meanwhile, the shelf life of your updates on social media is just about three hours or so.

That’s where email shines its magic. Email messages stay longer in inboxes. Emails invoke more trust, and they are easier to manage.

Email has a huge ROI


According to Graham Charlton of Econsultancy, more than 68% of companies rate email as an excellent channel for digital marketing investment. In 2014, businesses attribute about 23% of their total sales to email marketing (which has grown by 28% since 2103.

Email marketing is affordable


Ever spent trying time to keep up those updates on social media? Ever tried writing blog posts each day?

Compared to the time and effort those activities take, email forces you to take a mean and lean approach. You’d spend way less effort, money, and time on email marketing to get whopping returns for what you spend.

If you started with MailChimp, for instance, you’d not even have to spend on Email marketing if you are just starting out. MailChimp offers you a free plan limited to 2000 emails and 500 subscribers.

Go roll.

Do you do email marketing? Tell us all about it.


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