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    Top 4 Differences Between Successful and Struggling Freelancers

    November 24, 2015

November 24, 2015

Top 4 Differences Between Successful and Struggling Freelancers

difference between successful and unsuccessful freelancers

The basic difference between a successful and struggling freelancer is their mindset. Their mindset drives their actions, decisions, and hence, their success. Researchers investigated the two different types of professionals to find out what causes them to differ so extensively.

Carol Dweck, who is a professor of psychology at the Stanford University, believes that these two types of professionals have two different types of mindsets.

It can be said that, successful freelancers prefer to keep trying to grow, even during the extreme odd situations. On the other hand, struggling or unsuccessful freelancers have a tendency to give up to complexities very easily.

This basic difference in their personality determines the scope of success and the chances of failures. Let’s see the 4 major differences between successful and struggling freelancers:

The Mindset


As mentioned earlier, the mindset of a struggling and successful freelancers differ distinctively. Professor Carol Dweck says that the mind of a successful professional is identified as a growth mindset, and the mind of a unsuccessful or average professional can be identified as a fixed mindset.

People with growth mindset always try to grow. They enjoy challenges and always try to find out solutions to problems. Their mindset helps them to grow and succeed. But, why struggling freelancers have to wait so long for success? Why they can’t grow fast?

Science says it’s because their fixed mindset don’t allow them to do that. The fixed mindset people think they don’t have the abilities to be successful. They tend to give up to challenges very fast.



Successful freelancers are motivated professionals. They don’t need to be told to work hard. They love their work and try everything possible to prosper. This is why a freelancer who loves to work on complicated and challenging jobs don’t mind to work beyond their comfort zone.

And this is just the opposite in case of a struggling freelancer. Struggling freelancers often suffer from lack of motivation. They don’t feel the drive from within. It’s hard for them to stay focused and maintaining the consistent hard work. After all, motivation is the one of the key factors to professional and academic excellence.



Again, determination comes from your willpower. Do you love to be a freelancer? Are you satisfied with the independent career choice? Or you’re just doing it for the sake of earning some extra cash? The biggest difference between a successful and struggling freelancer is the passion and love for their work.

Successful freelancers are so much in love with their profession that they take it as one of the most integral part of their life. They are determined to face any challenge and find out solutions to every problem. They think freelancing is the only and the last thing they would like to do.

Never Ending Desire for Self-Development

Successful freelancers never stop learning. But this has lot do with their mindset again. Yes, because of their mindset and belief, successful freelancers love to thrive. They never think that they know everything.

On the contrary, struggling freelancers don’t take much initiative for self growth and learnings. Their limited approach toward growth restrict their success scope.


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