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    4 College Students To Follow On Facebook

    November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015

4 College Students To Follow On Facebook

college students to follow on Facebook

Some people are amazingly inspiring. They can handle any situation in life to fulfil their dreams. This article talks about few of such people and kids who you would always like to know more about. You can follow them on social media platforms.

It’s unbelievable to know that many of them never really had an ideal early life or environment to make their life incredibly successful. But they were passionate about studies. Their love for life and passion improved them. It gave them courage and reasons to fight all the odds and become successful.

So here are some of the very talented, motivational and smart college students to follow on Facebook:

Phoebe Cai: She Started College At the Age of 15


She started working on data analysis in the U Penn’s Medication College when she was only 15. She is an extremely talented kid who has passion and love for solving complex mathematical problems.

The list of her achievements and awards at that age is hard to believe. She ranked eighth in the Math Prize which was organized for girls by MIT. She is also won bronze medal at the Math Prize in the Girls Olympiad. She aims to do a higher study in science.

Jacob Atem: An Inspirer Who Teaches How to Fight the Odds


Here is one person who had an extremely unfavourable childhood to even think about education. Jacob Atem was a resident of Sudan. His parents were killed in the Sudanese Civil War. He was only six years old then. At that age, it was fortunate enough for him just to survive and flee alive.

He fled Sudan and took shelter in Ethiopia. He used to stay in an East African Refugee camp. However, his dream for life improvement didn’t die even in that tender age. Eventually, he tried to study hard and became an English graduate.

During his graduation also he didn’t have any place to call home. But he still didn’t give up hope and stick to all possibilities of completing education. In 2012, he opened a medical clinic in South Sudan to help the people of his village. Isn’t it amazing to know how a homeless boy fulfilled his dream to make his life exactly the way he wanted it to be?

Nola Ochs: A Grandma Who Earned Masters At 95


Nola Ochs earned her diploma at the age of 95. However, it was not the last degree which could satiate her spirit. She even completed her 50 page research report and earned a masters at the age of 98.

After that, she owns a qualified masters degree. She is definitely an inspiration to all of us. She teaches us that age is not a bar. You can do what you want provided you know that you are really up for it.

Brian Kolfage: Who Says Physical Disability Can Bring Dreams to an End?


Brian Kolfage was a soldier. He was appointed in the Balad Air Base in Iraq when an enemy rocket exploded just three feet away from where he was standing. Needless to say he was seriously injured and lost his right arm. But he survived miraculously.

After that, he made sure he didn’t give up to what had happened to him in life. Three years after he recovered, he enrolled in University of Arizona college of Architecture and completed his graduation with his new artificial hand.

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