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    5 Christmas Gifts For Freelance Photographers

    October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

5 Christmas Gifts For Freelance Photographers

Christmas Gifts for Freelance Photographers

Come Christmas and it’s all about festivity, joy, sharing, and happiness. It usually rains gifts around this time during the holidays and whether you are looking to gift someone else or buy something for yourself this season, there are tons of things you could buy as the perfect gifts for freelance photographers this season.

Here are some of the top Christmas Gifts For Freelance Photographers :

Joby GorrilaPod Action Tripod

Almost every photographer has a GoPro thrown into the diverse mix of gadgets and gears used as professional equipment, which is the arsenal for freelance photographers. The Joby GorrillaPod Action Tripod is that perfect gift for Christmas because most action cameras such as the GoPro don’t come with LCD views (and that’s where the bubble level indicator in the Joby Tripod kicks in).

It’s small, compact, and almost available everywhere with most retailers.

The Photography Show 2015

There’s no better gift than learning. This Christmas, send yourself or a photographer you know to The Photography Show 2015. The event comes complete with master classes, the chance to meet many others, and also an Urban Street Style Stage to get you up to speed on street photography, and more.

Photographer’s Post Production Guide to Lightroom

The Adobe’s Suite of Products for photographers are a great resource for freelance photographers and while we are in the line of learning resources, the Photographer’s Post-production guide to Light Room is a great addition to a freelance photographer’s toolkit.

With this gift up for Christmas, you’d be gifting a career boosting, efficiency enhancing gift and not just a trinket.

Lomography Instant Camera

When the GoPro gets too common (or too expensive), maybe it’s time for more options. Having said that, freelance photographers will never say no to lay their hands on anything that remote resembles a camera.

But you don’t have to settle for anything ordinary. Pick the Lomography Instant Camera and you’d automatically bring in a creative and fantastic way to shoot photos on the go. All you’d need is a Fujifilm Instax and you are good to go.

Kodak Pixpro Smart Lens Camera

Smartphones are quickly turning out to be not just indispensable gadgets but also smart cameras. We even have “smartphone photographers” today and most phone cameras still don’t do enough justice to the actual photographs themselves (due to the size and design constraints).

Say hello to Kodak Pixpro Smart Lens Camera , which helps you, take crisp, clear, and amazing photos. Your smartphone could be just as good as any normal DSLR.

What do you think of these gifts for freelance photographers this Christmas? Any recommendations that we can add to this list?


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