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November 6, 2015

4 Software Developers To Follow On Facebook

Software Developers On Facebook

Following renowned software developers on social media can be the best way to get updates on latest technology, innovations and trends of the year. Some professionals are called influencers because they bring extensive subject knowledge, niche expertise and experience along with them. Also, they are the people who love to share their knowledge with others interested. Below you will find a list of software developers to follow on Facebook. Read More

November 5, 2015

Top Christmas Gifts for Freelance Software Developers

Christmas Gifts for Freelance software Developers

Got amazingly talented techie friends? Why not surprise them with great ideas on this festive season? Let’s be a bit unconventional. Find out things, off the track, that you can give as Christmas gift this year. Maybe, you can think of gifts which can help them start a wonderful new year?

Or, why not inspire them to start living a bit healthy in the coming years? Let’s see what can help them also have some time far from the technicalities of life. See some of the top christmas gifts for software developers:

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November 3, 2015

5 Tips To Make More Money as a Software Developer

make money as a software developer

How to make money as a software developer? If you track these latest software development hiring trend of the giant tech corporations, you’ll understand how incredibly the recent advancement of the tech industry has produced many promising earning opportunities for the aspiring professionals.

Marc Andreessen, an American software engineer, investor and entrepreneur, drew a huge attention in 2011 because of his impressive comment on the growth of software engineering industry. He said that he believes software is eating the world.

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October 27, 2015

5 Awesome Books Written Just for Freelancers

books for freelancers

Countless numbers of scientific studies have indicated that regular reading habit helps improve cognitive functions, boosts mental health, improves leadership skills and increases the chances of success. According to Harvard Business Review, professionals, who aspire to build leadership qualities, must develop a steady reading habit.

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October 26, 2015

6 Blogs Every Freelancer Should Read

Blogs Every Freelancer Should Read

A Reuters article revealed that almost one in three Americans are freelancing in America now. The study conducted by independent research firm Edelman Berland indicated some very interesting numbers regarding the growing popularity for this independent career choice.

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October 25, 2015

Top 12 Paying Freelance Jobs and Careers

Top Paying Freelance Jobs and Careers

If you are fed up with the daily grind or are looking to make some extra dollars, you make a perfect candidate for a freelance career. Many freelancing opportunities are already up for grabs. With the available freelancing gigs, you can match your full-time income, if not make more than that. Of course, setting up for a freelancing career may not be as easy as you think, but there are some paths that can direct you to amazing freelancing opportunities. There are a few on-demand freelance marketplaces, such as Peer Hustle, where you can match your skills with an open gig and land in a freelance opportunity.

The perception that the tradition full-time job is secure no longer holds true. There is no guaranteed security for your so-called permanent job. Self-starting and the ability to pick projects of your interest give you more ownership over your career, without having to be under the prying eyes of a boss. Freelancing offers you the flexibility of schedule and location and choosing a project that interests you.

What Are the Top Paying Freelance Jobs

Long gone are the days when freelancing opportunities were available only in the writing, editing, and design fields.  Today, there has been a broadening of freelance gigs across industries and occupations.  So you have an amazing range of freelance job openings in different niches – pick the niche you are passionate about and start working. However, make sure that you do not under-sell yourself as long as you have enough gigs to work on.

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October 24, 2015

Top 25 Blogs for Writers

Top 25 Blogs for Writers

Writing is becoming a lost art. Here are 25 blogs on writing that we think are worth a read. Read More

October 18, 2015

Top 25 Blogs for Photographers

Top 25 Photographers

The internet is filled with tons of blogs on photography. But where does one start when looking to find great content? No worries, Peer Hustle is here to help. Here are 25 great photography blogs that make for great reads.

  1. Sony Alpha Universe


    Run by Sony itself, Alpha Universe hosts news, social media activities, an interactive calendar of events, and profiles of Sony Artisans of Imagery, among other related content.

  2. Peta Pixel

    PetaPixel is a leading blog covering the wonderful world of photography. We love photography, and we want to see others love it too. Our goal is to inform, educate, and inspire in all things photography-related. Founder Michael Zhang is a photography enthusiast, entrepreneur, and programmer based in Davis, California.

  3. The Atlantic


    The Atlantic is America’s leading destination for brave thinking and bold ideas that matter. With an all-star roster of writers and thinkers covering the world’s most intriguing topics, The Atlantic is the source of opinion, commentary, and analysis for the country’s most influential individuals.

  4. Steve Huff Photo


    Steve Huff is a passionate photographer with over 25 years of experience. As a self-proclaimed photo enthusiast, he is dedicated to reviewing an array of camera products.

  5. Advancing Your Photography


    This blog connects you with photographers who have mastered their craft, sharing their insight and showing you their photography tips so you can go right out and use them. Improved overall skills as a photographer!  And as with all creative activities, photography helps to de-stress our lives, something we can all use more of. But even beyond that, we believe that increasing creative freedom & ability helps bring about a better world, one image at a time.

  6. Stuck in Customs


    Stuck in Commons was named the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the Internet. Has been featured on the BBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC, and has had numerous showings around the world. Trey shares photos and provides many tutorials.

  7. Improve Photography


    This blog was created by Jim Harmer to share his love for photography. After graduating law school, he dedicated to pursue photography full time. There are many helpful articles ranging from lighting techniques to processing.

  8. This Week in Photo


    TWiP is the home of a network of amazing photography podcasts. The shows are entertaining, informational and inspirational.

  9. Imaging Resource

    Imaging Resource seeks to lead photographers to positive experiences with their cameras. Since that time, we’ve grown to become one of the largest photo news and review sites on the web. You’ll find in-depth reviews backed by exhaustive lab tests, as well as extensive coverage of photo news. offers the most comprehensive, informative, and factually accurate digital camera information available anywhere. Unparalleled in its thoroughness, the Imaging Resource is the perfect place to market your digital imaging products.

  10. The Passionate Photographer

    Steve Simon is an award winning documentary photographer who has worked in more than 40 countries. He has been published in prestigious publications such as the New York Times Magazine. He shines a light on important subjects and issues using the power of photography.

  11. Photography Served

    Served is a collection of sites that showcase category specific content from Behance, the world’s leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. Projects featured on the served sites are selected by our curatorial team. To have your work considered, sign up for Behance and create a portfolio.

  12. The Luminous Landscape


    Luminous-Landscape has 1.2 million visitors a month. A popular knowledge resource that includes more than 4,500 pages with essays, reviews, editorials and reviews.

  13. The Phoblographer

    The Phoblographer is about photography reviews, tips, news, and culture. They explore the photography world and pop culture’s affects on the art form. Plus, we bring you all of our stories from a real world and down to earth perspective.

  14. Nikonians


    Dedicated to avid Nikon users.

  15. Photo Focus


    A helpful and educational resource for the aspiring and professional photographer. Their goal is to assist in your success as an artist.  This “blogazine” only provides content from the most accomplished photographers, unique artists and recognized business leaders in the photo industry. They’re here to make sure their audience gains insight into original and educational content from our team of experts, authors and guest contributors.

  16. The Leica Camera


    Leica has a long history of focusing on perception and has developed innovative instruments that afford a unique seeing experience. Leica stands for visual enjoyment and lasting value. Their approach and expertise make their optical instruments ideal companions offering the highest possible reliability and durability. The result is a renowned series of cameras and lenses, not to mention projectors, and a superb range of sport optics including high-aperture and laser rangefinder binoculars, and spotting scopes.

  17. planet5D


    planet5D is a premier handcrafted curated news channel for digital photography, filmmaking and video production. They lean more heavily on the video side than on the photography side, but since planet Mitch still loves to shoot stills, and it is still very popular, we add photo news when we feel it is significant.

  18. PMA Newsline

    Daily news update for the photo and video industry.

  19. Steve’s Digicams


    A blog passion about digital cameras and photography, information ranges from what camera to buy to learning the art of taking amazing photos.

  20. A Photo Editor


    Displays an array of amazing art from very talented individuals.

  21. Digital Photography School


    Simple tips to help digital camera owners get the most out of their cameras. Encourages learning through showing photos and asking and answering each questions. Unlike most schools, the information is free. They do run limited advertising and affiliate programs to help us cover costs and keep expanding.

  22. 1001 Noisy Cameras


    Provides information for great deals on cameras and accessories.

  23. Photography and Video Blog

    Digital and film photography blog. Camera reviews, useful resources, photoshop tutorials, photographer portfolios, flickr blogging, models,studio, lighting, camera’s, lenses, reviews, etc.

  24. Virtual Photography Studio

    Build a photography business that will allow you to live any life you choose. This blog is filled with many, many different articles and resources that explain how to make a healthy income from photography. Some are detailed and provide you with step by step guidance. Others are meant to give you intangible ideas to help you think outside the box about your own business and lifestyle. Still, others are used as case studies to show you how other people have made photography a part of their own lives.

  25. ePHOTOzine


    ePHOTOzine has been established and is the UK’s leading, award-winning online photography magazine; reviews, news, techniques, gallery, forum, competitions.

October 17, 2015

 14 Tools To Effectively Work From Home

More and more professionals are jumping onto the freelancing bandwagon and quitting their 9 to 5 jobs to kick-start their freelance career.  To facilitate this transition, an increasing number of tools are available that will help you launch your dream career, control your work hours, and spend valuable time with family while making a good income.

  1. Work Space

If you choose to work from home, you need some isolated space, which can feel like a professional workspace. Of course, you do not want to mix work and personal lives and end up ruining both. The need for a separate & peaceful workspace cannot be denied. Creating your work space is as easy as cordoning off a part of your desk for work. This is especially useful if you don’t have enough room for setting up a home office. Whether it’s a nook above the kitchen or a spare room above the garage, you want a space that will fit in well as your home office, where you can receive clients or have video conferencing in Skype. The best part about having your own home office is that it will keep you disciplined and kicking.

  1. Right Equipment

Of course, you do not want to make major investments when setting up your workspace at home, but you still need a few essentials that would make a crucial component of your home office. Get an ergonomically designed set of desk and chair to set up an office-like environment, where you are comfortable working. When you have chosen to work remotely, it should be comfortable enough to sit for longer hours, so your investment should be in the right kind of furniture to ensure your body is relaxed & happy!

It may help to invest in a wireless mouse and keyboard to keep your space clutter free and make your work days much more comfortable.

  1. Quality Internet service

This is one critically important work from home tool that you cannot ignore at any cost. After all, your entire freelancing business depends on how quickly and efficiently you are able to connect with clients and customers. When shopping for an Internet connection, look for one that guarantees assured bandwidth, speed, uptime, download, quick response time, and a static IP address. You do not want your business to suffer due to poor network connectivity.

  1. Business Phone

Yes, you are working from home. But that does not mean you should choose your home phone for communicating with clients. You need a dedicated business phone line so that when a prospect or client calls in, your lines are open and can easily connect with you. Keeping a client waiting over phone could mean losing a client forever.

A separate phone will work as a rational choice for your business and ensure that you can answer calls immediately when a client calls in. it is a mobile-crazy world, but a true desk phone is what you need for office work, with guaranteed call quality. Having a smartphone will ensure that you stay on top of what’s going on even when you are on the go, helping you respond to client calls and queries quickly. Pick a smartphone that handles email seamlessly. When you wish to start a freelancing career and aren’t sure how to go about it, on-demand marketplaces, such as Peer Hustle, can come to your rescue. With a smartphone, you can easily set up a professional profile there and get set to connecting with clients from all over the globe anywhere anytime.

  1. Web Conferencing Tools

These days we have virtual meeting places, including Skype or Gmail’s inbuilt video chat messenger, to communicate freely over the Internet. If you don’t have a web cam, Google Talk or AIM can come in handy. You can work as a team using group chat tools to stay in touch and collaborate seamlessly with your co-workers in a virtual space. Web conferencing solutions are some of the key freelancing tools you cannot ignore for a successful business.

  1. Laptop/Notebook

True, a powerful desktop machine is what you need for a home office, but you also need an equally robust mobile machine that can replace desktop when you are away on the road. This will ensure you can work anywhere anytime when you aren’t present at your work space.

  1. Power Protection

Working from home means you need to invest in a power backup system, so that you keep working even when there is an outage. Some projects are urgent and cannot wait for power restoration in your area. It is critically important to invest in a good line conditioning UPS so you can protect your digital equipment from power spikes and work seamlessly even when there is no electricity supply in your region due to reasons beyond control. This investment will ensure that a power outage doesn’t wipe out your productivity.

  1. Great Lighting

Dim lighting cannot compare to bright light when working on a PC. Your eyes tend to get tired easily under dim lights. Installing bright lighting is a great investment for your work from home business, so your eyes are treated well. Great lighting work as a stress buster for your eyes and help keep you focused, raising your concentration level. With ambient lighting, you can work more productively and get your work done more efficiently.

  1. All-in-One Printer/Scanner

A scanner that can take care of scanning, copying, printing, and faxing, is a handy tool for your home office. The printer may be long dead, but the machine can come to your rescue if you need to sign and submit a document immediately to a client. Isn’t it more convenient than visiting a local printing shop? It does not make sense to lose your valuable time going to the shop to get the job done. Invest in your own laser printer that can do the job well and efficiently connect via WiFi and print directly from your smartphone.

If you want to keep your workspace clutter free, you may want to invest in a handheld digital scanner that scans all kinds of small and large papers and stores them digitally, where they are easily accessible.

  1. Document Collaboration

14 Tools To Effectively Work From Home_2

As a work from home professional, you need to be smart enough to use collaboration tools, which can come in handy when a client wants to share documents, slide shows, or spreadsheets. These tools allow you to make changes in real time to any document as and when required. What’s more, you can access the documents stored in such applications wherever you go. DropBox and Google Drive are the most widely used document sharing tools used worldwide that make you more productive and efficient.

  1. Customer Relationship Management

When you are working remotely as a freelancing professional, a reliable CRM tool will come in handy to store all of your database contacts, accounts, and documents. The best thing about a CRM system is that it integrates all communications, contacts, schedules, sales efforts, and project progress. Some of the more robust CRM applications come complete with compelling features, such as lead and opportunity tracking, which can play a big role in taking your freelancing career to the next level.

  1. Redundancy, Backup

As a freelance professional, you are online most of the time. In fact, you work remotely for clients from different parts of the globe. You cannot take the risk of losing all of your valuable work to a system breakdown or failure. Imagine a situation in which your desktop crashes and you are left with a blank computer! Sends shivers down the spine, right?

So why wait for such a terrible moment to strike and lose your data. Invest in an offsite and onsite backup system that can keep your data safe and secure all the time and quickly restore your desktop in the event of a failure. Offsite backup systems are designed to back up your data in times of a catastrophe or natural calamity.

Available through an online service provider, these seamless systems will backup your entire computer, saving thousands of crucial documents, files, videos, and pictures online. By investing in an offline backup system, you will thank yourself in the future when the inevitable happens.

  1. Productivity Monitoring Software

Of course, you want to keep a tab on your progress. It would help to invest in a productivity tracking solution to monitor daily work activity and run analytics on data. It was never so easy to keep a tab on your progress as with some innovative online applications available today. An efficient project management software can help boost efficiency while ensuring you are right on track.

  1. Screen Sharing Software

As freelancing industry evolves, an increasing number of businesses are interested to harness the power of this remote workforce and enjoy cost benefits. Since you plan to work from home, you cannot ignore a screen sharing software system that allows you to share screen with prospects and clients. These tools ensure easy collaboration and are quite handy when working remotely.

Working remotely is a dream for many professionals, and with the right work from home tools, you can give your freelancing career the heads up.

October 16, 2015

Top 25 Blogs for Entrepreneurs



One of the key aspects of entrepreneurship is learning. Here is a list of the top twenty-five blogs that will help you on your journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

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