November 20, 2015

3 Brain Empowering Techniques Freelancers Should Use in Free Time

brain empowering tips

Don’t take your hobbies lightly. Science says that your hobby can actually make you smarter. Studies have found that a human brain responds differently depending on the environment a person lives in. During a study when a group of prisoners were placed in solitary confinement, where they were only allowed to think, they were found to develop uncommon cognitive abilities.

For example, one prisoner was able to recall all of his kindergarten memories. Another prisoner was able to multiply big numbers by big numbers accurately, which he was never able to do before.

There was another prisoner, who developed a house design in his mind when he was in the solitary confinement. And he actually built the house exactly the same way when he got out. So, many scientific evidences clearly say that if you involve your brain in specific types of exercises, and control distractions, you can actually use more of your brain’s capacity.

So, by using your free time effectively, you can give your mind the essential required time to relax, reduce stress, and increase brain capacity. Here are top 3 tips to use free time effectively and the Brain Empowering Techniques for freelancers as we promised:

Playing a Musical Instrument


It will be much more relaxing for you if you like music. Musics doesn’t only help to de-stress, but actually helps a person improve his/her analytical skills, motor skills, math skills and creativity. Well, it’s not hard for science to understand how the different parts of a human brain react to certain activities like reading or listening to musics.

Neuroscientists say that playing a music engages many areas of the brain all at once. It’s exactly like a full body workout.

According to science, corpus callosum, which links the two halves of the brain, gets stronger when someone plays a musical instrument. This means, it can improve your memory, problem solving ability, planning skills and the ability to pay attention to details. So, do you think you will like to play a musical instrument? After all, it’s gong to make you more intelligent.

Doing Regular Exercise


Regular exercise is more effective than occasional exercise. You need to do exercise. And it’s not only that you need to increase heart rate or improve heart health. When you exercise, your brain cells actually get a very important protein called BDNF.

This element is excellent as it nourishes the brain cells and improves the brain’s ability. The most noticeable results of increased BDNF are improved memory, learning ability and accuracy.

You need to exercise regularly because it’s good for your brain and mental health. The point here is that why not use the time in a way which actually improves the brain health. So, if you can develop a sport hobby or a habit of a physical activity, that will actually make you smarter.

Doing Meditation Half an Hour Daily


If you can develop this as your free time hobby, there is absolutely nothing better than this. Yes, it’s hard to begin. That’s why start with the basic meditation method where you just need to concentrate on your breathing. You can start with just 2 minutes a day. Experts can do meditation for many hours a day. But that’s certainly not possible for the beginners.

But, meditation works amazingly because it directly influences the brain waves. Long term practice of meditation can actually improve your cognitive abilities, will let you have better control on your emotions, increase happiness, peace, focus, attention, concentration and memory.

All this can make you smarter and more creative. Find out what else can you do in your free time to be a happy and more productive professional.


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