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    6 Blogs Every Freelancer Should Read

    October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

6 Blogs Every Freelancer Should Read

Blogs Every Freelancer Should Read

A Reuters article revealed that almost one in three Americans are freelancing in America now. The study conducted by independent research firm Edelman Berland indicated some very interesting numbers regarding the growing popularity for this independent career choice.

Clearly, there will be more competition in the near future. You’ve to work harder, be proactive, get great at relationship building, networking, finding, converting leads, and creating demand for your skill.

For that, you’ve to stay connected to the industry. And when you work from home, you’ve to be an avid reader to know the latest updates on freelancing career. Blogs can be excellent sources for relevant information and effective platforms for networking.

But you’ve to choose blogs which publish fresh and very informative content and have impressive number of followers. Below you’ll find 6 such blogs that every freelancer should read.

Time Management Ninja: Blog that teaches time management techniques


When working from home as a freelancer, one of the biggest challenges could be time management. A Forbes article pointed out that the biggest barriers to time management, for most of the professionals are lack of organization skill, focus and attention, having a propensity to be easily distracted by unimportant things, lack of motivation, or loneliness.

Time Management Ninja shares tips and advises on organization, how to save time and finish tasks within the deadlines.

The Freelancer’s Union: A great way to stay connected with the industry


The Freelancer’s Union Blog is a popular reading resource for ambitious freelancers. You will know about the freelancing industry overall. You will find posts about how this industry is doing, what can be the future prospects for the aspiring freelancers, tips on how to grow your business and credibility as a freelancer, etc.

Plus, this blog is fun. It has an eye pleasing graphic design and a huge range of posts. Want to know how to be a happy freelancer? You will also get it here.

Addicted2Success: Blog on Personal Development


You will need a huge amount of positive energy and attitude to stay motivated in your freelancing career till the time when you ultimately build your brand. You won’t be successful in getting what you want, all the time. So, that’s asking for a different mindset altogether.

The Addicted2Success Blog shares incredible tips and advises on how to face a crisis and achieve success.

Seth Godin: Amazing blog for knowledge building

Heard about Seth Godin? He is a best selling author, a motivational speaker, and also a world renowned marketer. Want any advise on marketing, selling, brand building or business intelligence? You should bookmark Seth’s blog and take home his byte-sized information and insights.

Check out his blog and read his posts.

Buffer: Excellent Social Media Marketing Blog


Once you opt for a freelancing career, you’ll always have to stay in touch with latest digital marketing trends and developments.

And for that, the buffer blog is will be one of the most beneficial choice. You’d learn everything you need to about social media management and how you’d be able to use social media for your business.

Inc: A great reading source for small business owners


Inc shares very interesting posts on small business growth strategies, tips to get over obstacles, failures, productivity hacks, reputation management, dealing with work stress, business management, innovations, technology, and many more things you’d absolutely need for your business.

These are some of the blogs you should always stick to, if you’re trying to build a freelancing career. Follow these blogs to get helpful content related to your niche and professional aspirations.

What do you read?


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