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    Awesome Things Only Freelancers Can Do

    October 6, 2015

October 6, 2015

Awesome Things Only Freelancers Can Do

Awesome freelancing


By 2020, about 40% of the entire population of United States will be freelancers.

Now that tells you something about how pervasive the need to be on your own is, doesn’t it? But we know how hard it can be too. Plus, you’d have to be completely by yourself, supporting your inner core, shoring up strength, and working to your skills.

There are some awesome things you could do as a freelancer than puts food on your plate all the time and makes sure you do your freelancing just as you thought it should be like: doing what you love, and getting paid for it.

Here are a few of those awesome things only freelancers can do:

Don’t stay home


Wake up. You are a freelancer. You do remote work. Remote means exactly what it means: not being stuck to a location or a cubicle. In other words, you could some of those things even the richest of the rich can’t afford in the truest sense.

Go out, travel, escape, and don’t bother sinking into your hobbit hole as Devon Maloney of The Guardian puts it.

Stop doing anything or free


The moment you stop doing things for “exposure” or for the fact that your work would probably seen by thousands or even millions (bots included), you are in good hands. Clients asking for free samples (even after you show them your portfolio) are rampant, and you should be saying a simple “no”.

It keeps your sanity in check, saves you time (which is money), and prevents any potential heartbreak.

Explore opportunities


We don’t buy the theory that you shouldn’t be pitching continuously. On the contrary, you should pitch relentlessly. It’s just that there’s a time and place for it. For instance, don’t pitch on social media. Also, don’t barge into social parties and hand out business cards as if you’d be rewarded for emptying your business card holder.

Always be on the lookout for all kinds of opportunities that line up to your skill set. Further, don’t be afraid to explore opportunities that don’t align with your skillset.

Immerse yourself in learning


Freelancing buys you freedom. It liberates you from the clutches of the corporate world and a hundred thousand restrictions that come with a job.

While this could mean you’d work from anywhere you want, travel when you like, and do nothing if that’s good for you, it also means that you can purse learning itself. You could dabble with new skills, experiment with new projects, and start a couple of side gigs.

Why do all this you ask? Because you can, and you are welcome to do so. What are some of the other awesome things you can do as a freelancer? Feel free to pitch in and share.


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