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    6 Things Freelancers Can Do To Enrich Their Customer Service

    January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

6 Things Freelancers Can Do To Enrich Their Customer Service

Customer Service

Customers are like babies. Needs cuddling more often than not. They want to be in your thoughts all the time. And providing them with awesome services is what every freelancer dreams of. For at the end of the day, what basically matters is the moolah, your “baby” provides you with. So what does Nanny Mcphee do to assuage the money spewing toddler.

No, we got nothing to do with your dog but we will provide you with awesome, crisp articles of your pet and your love for it. People will look up to you for inspiration or for; let’s say something as usual as “How to clean dog poo?” Let’s just say, we will create a memorabilia for you, which you can be proud of, minus the funeral casket. And an epitaph.

I am a freelancer and would want a happy client.Someone who will recommend me for more work. But that isn’t happening if I deliver your work millennia after I had promised I will. And even after I have, I may not be hearing from you ever again. Manage Time and Meet Deadlines. That’s what they keep saying. I wonder why. I thought being a freelancer meant more “Me” time. But, now I realise money remains the same everywhere and clients too. So, being punctual works.

Customer Service can never be quantified.You cannot put any numbers to it. You know you have screwed up, if your mailbox oozes with customer abuse or no customer at all. More often than not, customers just don’t care. They will move away to the next option. And in the world of freelancing, options are a plenty. This is the age of the freelancer so if think you are unique. Good for you. So is everyone else.

Be Honest and Be Yourself.Know your limitations and bid accordingly. Be frank to your client about what you can do and what you intend to. Also, give them ideas. Clients, except the ones from hell, are very receptive to new ideas. This will also help you gauge the intent of the client. Also it does form a sort of camaraderie.

Communication is an art.The better you are at it, the more smoother the road becomes. Keep your customer posted on every move you make regarding his project. Generally smaller projects does not require such diligence, but once you start going north on the success scale, the picture gets bigger. When it involves a decent sum of money, going incommunicado is self defeating. Exercise some empathy and understand the pain of having to deal with an invisible freelancer.

Planning a project has its own importance.In fact the role of planning cannot be more emphasised than the fact that free lancing involves just you. So if you mess up later, you really cannot look for much option to blame on. Hence, you chalk up the road map and get it authenticated by the client. A project outline helps you understand the complexity of the work as well establish the timelines. The customer too will get an idea about the project challenges and think accordingly. Helps to avoid a lot of stress later.

I Did My Research – And Paid Attention to Competition.Guess, was there any other way out? Well researched articles are those which have successfully stood the test of information. The world lives and thrives on information. It is by nature an extension of communication. You will also get a hint of your competition. Well informed freelancers are those who look at the bigger picture while not losing sight of the fine print. As they say, the devil lies in the details.

Value added Service.Now how many times have we heard that before? While freelancing, remember, qualitative values are also considered as tangible. For example you can throw in a couple of free features into your project and then explain it to the customer. As the name suggests, adding value to the service provided. Care should be taken not to go overboard or be taken advantage of.

Enriching your clients with superior customer service is an intriguing affair. And a winsome one. Happy Customers offer more. Happy Customers also talk about you more. They are your readymade advertisement. Use them.

Merry freelancing and let the mirth of a happy customer be with you.


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