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    6 Lessons from SharkTank for Freelancers

    January 21, 2016

January 21, 2016

6 Lessons from SharkTank for Freelancers

SharkTank for Freelancers

So by now most of us have become ardent fans of Kevin O’Leary and his merry band of Sharks as they go about searching for the next big entrepreneur. ABC’s Shark Tank has caught the imagination of the world, basking in its dog eat dog world of entrepreneurial indulgence and competitions.
So what have you as a freelancer, hell bent on creating a legacy, your legacy, learnt from Shark Tank?


And nothing kicks you harder than your passion. It is all that you have to climb up the perilous steps of success. Now you can also use the words “Determination” and “Urge”, but without passion the rest just falls flat. Have passion, show it. Simple.

Know thy home


So if left alone in the dark, blindfolded, will you be able to walk back home? Ideally you should. If not, look around. Probably, you are in the wrong neighbourhood. It’s the same with your business, skills and ideas. If you aren’t thorough with it, how do you expect to pitch it to your client? Your idea needs to be drilled down to the last atom inside your mind. Become your idea. That’s the mantra.

Pitch it well


Mould your net correctly. It is this with which you are going to fish. Your pitch is your first advertisement for work. Neither too detailed nor too shallow, make your pitch similar to something you would want on your epitaph. Unique. Clients, investors and financiers are clearly looking out for the next quirk to surface. Be the one.
Superman, think thy not
You aren’t Clark Kent disguised as a freelancer. Do not over commit. Stay within your limits of perseverance. But definitely over perform. Go beyond your client’s expectations. Though that comes much later.

Kill Bill


You couldn’t have killed Bill had you been pondering over your next project. Killing him should be your full time job. So is building up on your passion. Nothing below 100% should be given. This is what you intend to do. So go do it.



Wear it. You need to be seeing far. For freelancers planning ahead is very important. You are not in a regular job to cushion you. You are also in a very competitive market. So reinventing yourself is very important than reinventing the wheel. Look ahead. Beyond today and tomorrow, the future needs to be nurtured.
Freelancing is indeed an adventure, provided you are able to rough it out. Nothing gives you more satisfaction than seeing your work getting appreciated and your client base expanding. SharkTank gives you the lessons but the reader is always you.


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