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    5 Social Traits That You Should Look Out for In Freelancers

    February 3, 2016

February 3, 2016

5 Social Traits That You Should Look Out for In Freelancers

Freelancing hiring tips

They say the people are one of the most important part of the business in fact the quality of your team determines how far your business goes. however finding freelancers is easier said than done. Not every freelancer you talk to Is going to work out for you. Assuming you do find freelancers as part of your team, you won’t go too far with just drones working for you. You’ll need freelancers who are social, active, and easy to get along with.

Here are a few social traits you need to look for in a freelancer:

The initiation talk


Remember the first time we were talking to your freelancer how are your first impressions did you have a feeling that the relaxer easy to get along with do you think freelancer can be fun when not working does a fine line between being professional and being boring.

Go with your first impressions

Social activity


Are the freelancers you’re looking to hire active socially? Are they present on some of the most popular networks like Twitter LinkedIn and Facebook? If yes, what is the talk about what is your tweet about what do they share what is the passionate about? Who do they link with? Who do they network with? What topics do they feel strongly about? The more social they are on social networks, the more their proclivity towards a community.

Ongoing communication


Often, you’d have taken the opportunity to talk to your freelancers maybe once a week or twice a week. How does it feel like while they talk to you? Do you believe that they understand the project requirements well? Do you walk away from these regular meetings feeling good about it?

Socially inclined freelancers are fun to be on the team. They are also creative, more likely to be approachable.

How social are the freelancers on your team?


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