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    5 Reasons Why It Rocks to be a Software Developer

    November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

5 Reasons Why It Rocks to be a Software Developer

Why It Rocks to be a Software Developer

Mark Zuckerberg, the famous Facebook founder, participated in a beautiful awareness video in 2013. In that video he said, his company wants to hire as many talented programmers as they can find. It’s inspirational to know that there exists a growing demand for good coder and computer engineers globally.

If today we can predict and fight climate change, or scientists can go to space, that has become possible because of the amazing coding skills of the programmers. Do you think the demand for Smartphones, Smartphone apps, Smart Televisions and other devices are going to decline any soon? Would you like to know why you’re lucky to be a part of the thriving tech and innovation industry? Here are few amazing reasons why it rocks to be a freelance developer:

Scope of Higher Internet Penetration Worldwide


Take example of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. There will be a higher internet penetration worldwide, according to him. What has been possible for the people of few African countries and Colombia, now will also be possible for millions of people in India.

According to Wall Street Journal, more than 100 million of Indians will now have basic internet access on their mobile for free with the help of internet.org.

That’s just India. We aren’t even talking about China, Taiwan, Singapore, and many other hot spots for software development.

Do you understand how much demand it’s going to create for Smartphones, Apps and other smart devices? It’s gong to give you a huge exposure and job prospects across the globe.

The eCommerce Industry is Growing


Did you check global eCommerce growth statistics for the coming years? Even if you didn’t, does it seem hard to assume that the industry is going to thrive because of the growing technology trend and use of Smart devices?

People who never thought of making a career over the internet, they all can do that now. Small scale industry is growing because people can now sell products on websites through internet.

Check out this great market survey report infographic. It shows the growing eCommerce trend and the increase in sales from eCommerce industry worldwide.

Increasing Demand for Coding and Programming Skill


The demand for great coders and programmers is only going to increase in the near future. According to Business Insider, 11 of these skills will be in high demand and create more jobs. Certainly, we can see how important it is for all of us to stay connected via internet tools and online platforms.

Today, the world needs good talents who can create the convenience for the technology users.

Job Diversity


Think of range of jobs and companies available to join in the software and hardware niche. The global tech industry is huge in market size. And the US tech industry will have the fastest growth rate in 2016. According to Forbes, marketers expect a 6.1 per cent growth for the industry next year.

Definitely expect a rising career opportunity for freelance software developers the next couple of years.

Scope for Flexible Working Opportunity


Software developers always have greater flexibility to turn to an independent freelancing career. After the 2008 – 09 global economic turmoil, every company spends their cash reserve wisely. A lot of companies have started hiring freelance developers who have great market reputation.

So, doesn’t it feel like it rocks to be a software developer? Don’t you think the kind of career advantage you as a software developer have, that no one has with any other subject expertise?


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