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    5 Morning Routines for Freelancers & How They Help 

    December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

5 Morning Routines for Freelancers & How They Help 

Morning Routines

Few brain engaging morning activities can help us work with the highest level of efficiency. However, these habits and preferences may differ from one person to another. Have you been able to figure out your preferential early morning habits that can make the days productive and meaningful?

Ideally, you should dedicate at least the first 30 minutes of every morning for your personal sake. You can use these 30 minutes numbers of ways to feel good, focused and sharp the brain. We all know the importance of eating right and doing exercise in the morning.

But besides them, you can make your brain do some interesting tasks, which ultimately will make you feel confident and more goal oriented. Would you like to know the morning routines for freelancers and how they can help? Below you’ll find few expert recommended ideas:

Disengagement is Necessary for Personal Renewal


Do you tend to overburden yourself with unlimited work? If so, you’ve to stop doing it. You can’t work with an optimum efficiency level if you stress yourself by overestimating your work capacity. Practice disengagement to make yourself the most productive.

This habit will need you to disengage from all kind of electronic device when you wake up. You should stay away from everything which can fill your head up with tensions and worries in the early morning.

You should practice disengagement in the night before going to bed also. You should take a small walk after you finish the work, go to bed and read a book which can help you start the next day in an exiting way.

Practice 24 Minutes Morning Routine to Start an Excellent Day


Some experts recommend practicing 24 minutes routine to start an amazing day. How this can help? Well, after you wake up, manage your time to develop some very healthy and energizing habits. You don’t need to give much time for this.

The 24 minute routine will need your 2 minutes for brushing the teeth, 1 minute to drink water, 7 minutes for meditation, 5 minutes for developing focus, 7 minutes for exercise and 2 minutes to do stretching.

Try These Fun Brain Workouts


After you wake up in the morning, get a couple of minutes to relax. And then try some of these brain workouts. These are some amazing ways to engage the brain in some fun and powerful habits.

Sudoku, wikipedia random, simple maths, reading an inspirational story, meditation, luminosity are few very helpful things you can try. Making these early morning habits and practicing these exercises will help you develop a very clear vision, focus and attention going forward.

Find Out Secret Brain Empowerment Habits of Experts


You can even try something like making a list of top to do things for the day, writing about something you like, asking yourself what’s most important task you would like to complete that day, recalling the biggest achievement of the previous day, etc.

Making them your morning routine will help you feel confident, energized and attentive.

Sleep on Your Right Side


This is a scientifically proven method to energize and improvise the brain and the mind. Eating on the right side influences good dreams and fills up a person with emotions of love, peace and compassion. If you want to help yourself start a great day and make a good use of a day, then try develop this habit.

These are some of the tips and tricks to revitalise the brain. You need to develop habits which can make you highly motivated. Also, some experts say you need to manage your energy to start a good day. So, you must know how to balance your energy so that you can use it for the right purpose and goal of the day.


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