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    5 Head Smacking Freelancing Realities You Ought to Know

    January 22, 2016

January 22, 2016

5 Head Smacking Freelancing Realities You Ought to Know

Freelancing Realities

For way too long now, thousands (if not millions) have been dreaming up of making money online. You are especially susceptible to this since the online space is now full of scammers, fake “gurus”, and all sorts of people claiming to be experts.

There are opportunities out there, it’s just that you are never told the whole story. You are made to believe that “you can make millions” but no one tells what you’d have to go through or how many times you’d have to sell your soul over to get there.

Freelancing has always been a great opportunity to earn money part-time or full-time. But it helps if you know the full story.

You have to sell


Most people have a condescending view of sales. They think that sales is only for those slick-haired, oil-selling, charlatans who do nothing else but keep knocking on doors and making pitches all day long.

Here’s the news: everyone is in sales. Yourself included. You just don’t know it but you do it everyday — with spouses, kids, clients, partners, managers, fellow workers, strangers, merchants, and even dogs.

If you read the book To Sell Is Human by Dan H Pink, you’d realize that you are in the business of moving people.

You got to have skills


Next time you see a meetup on freelancing or if you intend to take up a course on freelancing, remember that you got to have those skills (whatever niche you want to do freelancing in). If you want to do freelance writing, you got to have the chops to write blog posts or articles.

No one is going to teach you how to write (because it’s presumed that you already know). Ditto for Freelance design, freelance developers, artists, caricaturists, and everyone else.

It’s not easy


Let’s be upfront here. If it was easy, my granny would be doing it (some granny’s do freelance, and that’s not the point). When it comes to freelancing, it’s not just about the skills. It’s also a lot to do with entrepreneurial hustle.

It’ll demand that you think, feel, work, and manage like a true business owner does. This is self-employment. It’s ridiculously hard. Which leads to…

You got to sacrifice


If you had a day job, you’d have a 5-6 day work week, with at least one day off. You’d then have vacations, holidays, and what have you. Plus, you can afford to take leave of absence. Forget all that when you get into the world of freelancing. You’d work 12-16 hours a week, all week.

You have nothing, except truckloads of work. Work every single day, and work forever. As to to get out of this self-initiated rut is for a full-course later on.

You have to chase


As a freelancer, you’d have to chase your opportunities (because they won’t come to you). You’d have to chase your invoices (since some clients don’t pay and some others come straight from hell). You’d have to chase your partners, vendors, and pretty much everyone else (if you are a freelance project manager) or if you run an agency.

Chasing is your everyday job. Period.


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