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    4 Winning Habits For Successful Freelancing

    December 23, 2015

December 23, 2015

4 Winning Habits For Successful Freelancing

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Every person has unique personality attributes and habits that either make him/her strong, or vulnerable to unwanted damaging factors. However, we’re lucky to be born with the natural ability to change our own habits and attitude. This is called neuroplasticity. As per the science of neuroplasticity, we can change our brain, mindset and habits over time with the help of constant training.

If you train your brain and mindset to think positive and incorporate productive personality and behavioural attitude, the mind will do that. And you will be able to develop the amazing winning habits that can help you perform outstanding. Do you want to become a successful solopreneur? Then you must work hard to welcome the changes that can help you produce the sought after results. Below you will find the list of winning habits for successful freelancing:

Success Needs Resilience


Resilience is a personality attribute. Resilience is the ability that inspires people to follow their dreams amidst the most critical and tough moments. Resilience gives us the courage and passion to keep going. Resilient people can keep mental balance during stress, a trauma or adversity.

They also owns the ability to quickly get over the trauma and distress. Some people are born with resilience, which is why, meeting goals and targets is easier for them. You can develop resilience with practice.

Success Needs an Ability to Ignore Distractions


How good you’re in dealing with distractions? In life, there will always be some distractions. And when you work at home as a freelancer, the chances wii be higher that there will be more number of factors to interfere with your attention and focus.

Learn the habit to safeguard yourself from distractions. Doesn’t matter you’re working from where. Your aim should be sticking to your daily goals. So, if you can learn how to handle distractions, it will fasten the results of your hard work.

Success Needs You to Be a Lifelong Learner


You need to be a fast learner. Learn from everything. Learning should never stop. You should learn from your mistakes and everyday performance. In this case, the journaling habit can be very helpful. In some other posts we talked about using the 5 Minute Journal. Likewise, you can maintain a small diary to record your every day performance.

You can record the days of achievements and try to learn your strengths from it. Similarly, write about the bad days as well. The bad days will help you identify the mistakes. Try to learn what are your weaknesses. Figure out how you can use your existing skills, or develop strengths to offset the weaknesses. You need to be a consistent learner.

Success Needs Excellent Time Management Skill


In addition, you also need to learn to prioritise tasks and complete work within the allotted time frame. Learn to use time efficiently. Your work will never finish if you don’t know how to use time. Learn to prioritise tasks so that they can be handled according to importance and urgencies.

You can read more about time management skills from blogs of experts. Listen to TED talks to know what experts say about time management and developing the winning habits.

Winning habits can be cultivated. You just need to have a will power that can push you and keep you engaged throughout. Inconsistent efforts will make no difference.


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