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    4 Ways Freelancers Can Highlight Their Skills

    January 14, 2016

January 14, 2016

4 Ways Freelancers Can Highlight Their Skills

Highlight your skills

Liam Veitch, a successful freelancer, once said that client’s won’t hire you because you’ve some skills. Instead, they will hire you if you can help them with your skills. So, you need to have a really solid ground before you expect to have a lot of work in your hand. You need to show the world that you’re good and can help them with your expertise. So what’s important is that you tell clients why they need you for your skills. Rather than simply talking more and more about your skills, you should stress more on how helpful are your skills.

There is no way to tell the world how good you’re at what you do except you make your success and progress visible to them. Freelancers need to highlight their skills and achievements as they need to land good jobs. And which can be the best ways to sell skills online? You can think of some ideas like these –

Write Stories of Your Achievements and Showcase


You need to talk about your accomplishments and your work. Information like what type of projects you’ve worked on, how were they, how did you successfully complete the tasks, how challenging the projects were, how did you address the challenges, how happy were your clients, etc will be very helpful to your future clients. So when you put this information out there, you need to showcase how did you use your skills to successfully end the projects. You need to show the application of your skills so that clients can related their concerns to the information provided and see your potentials.

Have a Successful Website


Have an awesome website where you can write about your and other freelancer’s successful career. If you’ve started your own side business, talk about that as well. Having a websites with lots of valuable information can be very helpful from all perspectives. Website that shares information on freelancing career in your niche, and interviews other freelancers who made a great career will do very well. Put lots of photos and videos on your site. But, they should be helpful and teach something. Try to inspire people through your skills. Client will love that.

Write for Others for Free


Write guests posts for other remarkable websites. Don’t take it lightly. There are dozens of amazing freelancing sites which will let you write about your niche. You need to build an audience through your guest posts. The more you write engaging posts, the more response you get from the interested readers. Also, this is where the people needing to hire freelancers will come. So, try to make a big impression. Show off your qualities, your fan base and your skills and abilities via amazing guest posts.

Take Help From Sites that Will Let You Showcase Your Profile


There are some sites which will let you build a profile and tell the target audience your story. You can highlight your skills on these sites. You can tell the world what you do and how you can help others. This is one amazing way to intimidate the prospective clients.

The point is, you need to find out the places where highlighting the skills will make a big difference. It can be your website or some very popular site of someone. But above all, tell the world what makes you do what you do and how you can help clients with your talent and skill.


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