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    4 Ways for Freelancers to Break Out of Comfort Zone

    January 20, 2016

January 20, 2016

4 Ways for Freelancers to Break Out of Comfort Zone

Out of Comfort Zone

The very idea to renegade a regular way of life was to live it. Wasn’t that the reason why you went freelance? Command your days and earn the way you want. No harking of instructions and rigid corporate cultures. Deep within the comfort of your home, you work. Till you slowly spiral into a low-risk, neutral state. Freelancers, especially the ones who have created a space for themselves and have a sparkling portfolio to boot, more often than not become entrapped in the cosiness of the virtual world. Providers like Elance, Freelancer and quite a few others surely bring work to you, but for growth and continuity it is absolutely necessary to move beyond your zone. The Comfort Zone.

So how do we get out?

Break the train and hike


Well for too long you have ambled along monotonous writing assignments. You are sheltered within the idea of a comfortable pay writing the way you are. Break the trend. Your writing is becoming too predictable, even for you. Take a risk by changing genres. The biggest one was already taken, that of you changing careers. So this one will be puny in comparison. Shake things up. Go for assignments which pull you towards the edge of your imagination. How about a sci-fi write up or let’s say a travel blog. Chances are, you would have to move your derriere to write one. Good for you.

Han Solo


I wondered for too long how that could be a name before I realized it could be because this guy operated solo. Singularly. For you to get your feet moving, get off from Elance and ODesk. They are wonderful platforms for freelancers and almost feed you with a golden spoon. But then the joys of life were never meant to be suppressed within the confines of your study. Go solo. Create your website, meet clients, visit live events and take part in gigs. Transform that awkwardness into positive creative energy. Even in the virtual age, a living face to talk to is always worth more. And the virtue of promoting oneself in person will never go out of fashion.
It’s an advertisement of your confidence.

Beyond commitment


Never over commit but at times to get you out of a slumber it is necessary to overstep that boundary. Your 7 days deadline is pretty easy. You have been maintaining it all your life. How about a 3 days thunder? Amaze your clients with the infinite possibilities a new and changed freelancer can provide. You not only can deliver quickly but have now increased your repertoire to fulfil most genres.

Be true and Be You


Bringing out the persona that really defines you is what a comfort zone does not exactly do. It creates a facade of timelessness where everything tends to infinity. Snap out of it. Be the real you. That energetic self motivated freelancer out to beat the odds. That’s you. Be You.


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