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    4 Types of Freelancers Who Are Not Easy to Beat

    November 19, 2015

November 19, 2015

4 Types of Freelancers Who Are Not Easy to Beat

Types of Freelancers

You will be surprised to know that around 65 per cent of entrepreneurs have been found to be driven by their heart. This kind of entrepreneurs are influenced by their own rock hard sense of purpose.

So, being a freelancer, you must be working hard to increase the number of clientele. You must be craving to improve your personal or business credibility, and get more numbers of well paid contracts. But, before you dream of that, ask yourself this: which type of freelancer are you?
Here are four types of freelancers who are not only successful, but extremely hard to replace or surpass. Would you like to know them?

Freelancers Who Diversify Skills and Expertise


You can’t grow your business sticking to a limited number of specialization. You’ve to embrace versatility. A 2013 study conducted on a wide number of businessman and employees found that successful entrepreneurs never restrict their skills and expertise.

They always find out ways to grow and diversify. Entrepreneurs need to handle a huge range of services to manage their business. There is no way they can survive being restricted themselves only to handful of work and responsibilities.

So, to become an unbeatable freelancer, you’ll have to think of increasing your skills and expertise. You’ve to grow beyond your obvious capabilities.

Freelancers With No Shortage of Confidence


Successful freelancers are incredibly self confident. This is not to say that you’re not confident, but, it signifies that you should be well aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. And this is not something new. Lots of research have already been done on this. A Purdue University study conducted in 1988 found that around 33 per cent of the successful entrepreneurs thought their business had 100 per cent chance of success.

Additionally, to be a successful freelancer, you should be concentrating on your strengths, not on your weaknesses. Self awareness of strengths will help you build confidence.

Freelancers Who Dare to Disagree


People with an entrepreneurship spirit are found to be disagreeable. Innovators and entrepreneurs, who are successful in their business, are often found to have the spirit to go against the willingness of the society. They don’t wait for social approval. They believe in their dreams and capabilities.

So, what you learn from this? If you love your passion and your career dream, you should stick to it, no matter what. Survival is not easy. There is no place for weakness. You’ve to be strong and confident to believe your own abilities. And then follow your passion and dream. You don’t have to seek approval of people around you to chase your vision. If you have faith in your dream, you should dare to disagree.

Freelancers Who Are Conscientiousness


Research data points at the fact that professionals and students with conscientiousness have higher chances of success. Conscientiousness is the personality trait which makes one organized, eager to perform better, careful, efficient and vigilant. So, if you want to grow as an efficient, remarkable and popular freelancer in your niche, you’ve to develop this personality trait.

According to a National Institute of Mental Health Study, professionals with conscientiousness earn better salaries. These types of people have higher self satisfaction and perform better in the professional life.

So, now you know how these types of freelancer differ from the average? Tell us how do you plan to improve today.


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