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    4 Tools Freelancers Should Bet on For Productivity 

    December 9, 2015

December 9, 2015

4 Tools Freelancers Should Bet on For Productivity 

Tools for Freelancers

Freelancers need to do huge amount of business work alone.

Why not use the latest techs and apps to reduce your work burden? Depending on the size of your business, you can try options for managing emails, tools for prioritizing work, availing cheaper calls, setting reminders and calendars, tools for arranging conference calls, etc. You can also try analytical tools to check the overall performance of your business website.

Thankfully, solopreneurs and freelancers today have plenty of options to take care of their daily tasks and ensure well being of business. Below you will find some amazing tools for improving productivity.



Ever tried Evernote for your work? Amazing features and smooth integration of functions have made this app very popular worldwide. Evernote is widely known as an online note taking app.

However, this app is extremely easy to use and excellent at cross platform support. Yes, you can use Evernote in window, Mac OS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows phone, etc.

You can use Evernote to make a to do list, to maintain record of reference information, as a digital scrapbook, etc. You can make a good use of the Evernote camera.

Another great advantage of using Evernote is that you can share the content stored in Evernote. Smartphones support Evernote’s features. This is why it becomes another potential tool for busy freelancers. However, not all features of the app is available in all phones.

Wake Up with Wakie


It’s so amazing to think that how some great minds think unconventionally. Are you too lazy to wake up early? Do you often fail to meet business targets and deadlines because you’re too reluctant to leave the bed early?

In an independent business like freelancing, this can cause a lot of nuisance. But, you can use Wakie to get some help.

What is Wakie? Well, this is an alarm clock app that will help you wake up with a stranger’s voice.

Wondering what does that mean? If you’re not a morning person, this app will help you make the daily process easier. This app has a community of users. All of the member of the community is kept anonymous. If you become a member of the community, this app will send you notification, in terms of some anonymous voice, to wake you up at the time you want. This is how you can avoid oversleeping and be on time to finish an important project.

Basecamp for Project Management


Basecamp can be used in your browser for efficient project collaboration. If you’re working as a team, it will help you amazingly. This is mainly a project management tool which will help your team collaborate with each other when working remotely.

Explore the app more to know the attractive features.

Pocket is Great If You Love to Read


This is mainly a reader service. It will help you read long articles that you would like to read later as per your convenience. This is an application that will let you conveniently save the articles to the cloud.

Pocket can be used on vast range of smart devices like iOS and Android platforms. You can even use it on the Safari browser. Pocket will help you add the web addresses that you would like to read later to its list of popular readings.

Pocket is an excellent application which makes reading easier and help you arrange and manage the content faster.


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