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    4 Reasons Why CoWorking Spaces Are Awesome For Freelancers

    December 10, 2015

December 10, 2015

4 Reasons Why CoWorking Spaces Are Awesome For Freelancers

Why CoWorking Spaces Are Awesome

The idea of CoWorking is not new. It started way back in 1995 when a non profit organization named C-base first incorporated the idea.

You can book a coworking space or buy monthly membership to work independently and with many other professionals who are doing the same thing. Here, people with different background come to work and become a part of the community.

Deskmag is a coworking magazine. It does a lot of research on this concept and its benefits. According to Deskmag, the popularity of coworking spaces have increased among freelancer, entrepreneurs and other independent professionals. Indeed, you can enjoy many benefits of sharing this community working place. Below you will find 4 reasons why coworking spaces are awesome.

CoWorking Spaces Reduce Boredom of Loneliness


The idea of coworking makes professionals feel they are part of a community. Freelancers and independent professionals were interviewed to know why they prefer to work in a coworking space. Most of them responded that they don’t like to work alone, and most importantly, they like the freedom of socialisation that a coworking space offers.

Unlike an organization, professionals who work in a coworking space enjoy the freedom to decided how and when they want to interact with others.

Coworking spaces offer great networking opportunities as they arrange and organise networking events, training programs and various social events throughout the year to help people connect to others beyond their own company or professional circle.

CoWorking Spaces Save Time


A coworking space gives better and faster opportunities to find solutions to problems. People working there are likely to face similar challenges like you. This is why the chances will be there that you will be able to quickly know a solution that someone has already thought about. There will be more numbers of mind thinking creatively. So, you will get to know about new things, like a new app, new resources, best practices etc.

You will be able to save time by knowing solutions to many problems. You will find answers to your questions quickly. This will help you deal with lack of ideas.

CoWorking Spaces are Cheaper Options


Don’t you think so? Booking a coworking space is much cheaper than taking a commercial space on rent. Even if you have a team, you can book a space according to your need and on the basis of membership facilities. Also, these types of facilities don’t rob the professionals by enforcing rigorous membership plans.

The coworking spaces are generally found to offer very flexible and short length membership options where you don’t have to block a huge amount of money by buying an annual membership plan. You can take monthly or quarterly memberships and can cancel a booking with prior intimation. Your money will be refunded. So, a coworking space gives you an excellent environment to work with an attractive and flexible terms and conditions.

CoWorking Spaces Can Give You Better Control on a Job

Harvard University researchers decided to do a study in order to know why the coworking spaces help people work more effectively and succeed.

During their research they found out that people availing coworking spaces had more freedom in respect of deciding whether they wanted to work in a quite environment, could take a long break to go to gym in between the working hours, or they needed a very long day to complete some serious deadline.

Coworking spaces are excellent for solorpeneurs and entrepreneurs. Even organisations are employing the idea nowadays to help employees improve productivity.


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