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    4 Productivity Apps Freelancers Should Use

    December 25, 2015

December 25, 2015

4 Productivity Apps Freelancers Should Use

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If an app can become an excellent reminder and can tell us which task to complete on priority, that will be amazing. Well, it’s not an imagination anymore. Technology has turned our imagination into reality. According to numbers released by renowned sources, use of business applications has been the highest in 2014.

Users have been downloading and using the business apps more than anything. And why not? What if an app can help us improve our memory? Organisations have been trying to find out if the time management apps really work for employees. It’s time to find out what ways an app can help us improve our productivity.

App to Reduce Your Stress


You overburden yourself with huge targets, ambition and responsibilities, and then stress out. Can there be something which can tell you that your mental health is at a risk so that you can immediately take precautionary measures? Yes, there is an app called GPS for the Soul.

How does GPS for the Soul work ? Ariana Huffington, who is the founder of Huffington Post, has launched this new app. This app will help you calm your mind immediately when you’re in a high stressful situation.

This is a tool to divert your mind from the point of worry. Of course, this will help you relax amidst a stressful working day so that you can use your time with a more focused and peaceful mind.

App to Train the Brain


You will require to do a whole lot of things to become an amazing solorpreneur. You’ve to be smart in building new skills, a fast learner and good in time management. You will have to ensure that you keep yourself focused all the time. Can there be something which can train the brain and improve its abilities?

Yes, there are few amazing apps which can improve your brainpower. With the help of these apps, you can put your brain in test and improve the cognitive abilities. You can challenges your brain and improve problem solving abilities. These apps will also help you to reduce anxiety and shift focus on positivity.

App to Track Emails


Would you like to know who really read the emails you send? There is an app called Mailtracker. If you can know if people really read the emails you send, it can save your lot of time. Mail tracker is a very helpful app which can do this job.

This is an iOS app which can synchronize well with the iPhone’s email box and let you know if the other person really read the email, or when they read the emails you send. This app can help you get a clear idea of whether it’s really meaningful to send the emails, or they are really interested in your business or services.

Apps to Improve Time Management


Apps like focus booster, Evernote, Dropbox, Toggle can help you manage your time wisely. There are also many apps and tools for organization. They can help you manage your to do list. There is also apps for password management.

Although time management, work prioritization and organization will need huge amount of offline efforts and brainstorming, these apps can provide some sorts of help and can help you get started.


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