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    4 Life Hacks Every Freelancer Should Embrace

    November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

4 Life Hacks Every Freelancer Should Embrace

Lifehacks for Freelancers
The best way to learn life hacks is to read what successful people have to say about it.

Leonardo da Vinci always believed that a man would be successful only when he would be able to smile during the troubles, collect strength from the odds and grow brave with experiences. The point is pretty simple – you’ll succeed if you know how to survive the life troubles.

People, who were homeless, later became multimillionaires. So, when you’re a freelancer, things may seem a bit hard, but, you can succeed if you can figure out which life hacks make you the best performer. Here are 4 life hacks for freelancers:

You Need A Never Give Up Attitude: Suze Orman


Lot of people are there who became very successful among the unbelievable oddities. To be successful as a freelancer, you must learn to become a survivor.

For example, Suze Omran is now a financial advisor, a television host, a successful author and motivational speaker. But, there was a time when she was homeless. She used to earn only $3.5 per hour and live in her friend’s truck.

But, she knew that she had to get over that situation and become successful. She worked hard and raised $50,000 through donations to open a restaurant. But, she lost all of the money when a broker mishandled her savings.

She lost all of it in three months. But then, Suze developed a curiosity for how the brokers work. She studied about Wall Street and learned all she could. Soon after that she bagged a job as broker in Merrill Lynch. From there, she never stopped and grew as a successful individual.

Decide a Day Free of Interventions: Dustin Moskovitz


Dustin Moskovit founded Asana. He also cofounded Facebook. He likes to keep a day in the middle of the week free of any meetings to solely concentrate on his work. That one day of the week he likes to use productively to complete all of his important and pending tasks.

You can also decide a free weekday this way if you think it works for you. That day you should only focus on planning for next weeks work, tracking the performance of the last week and learning from the mistakes. This is how you can make great improvements in your freelancing career.

Get Some Fresh Air in Between Work: Mark Slater


This may work to increase your productivity. This works a lot for Mark Slater, CEO of Pingup. Slater leaves his office for half an hour every day to clear his mind and get some exercise. For him, it works as a productivity booster. He loves to spend some quick time outside which actually gives him fresh ideas.

Be in exercises no matter how much busy you are. Invest time in walking. Set aside some time for meditation to make the brain productive and focused.

You Decide When to Do the Toughest Job: Lucas Donat


If you think you work most productively during a particular time of the day, try to complete the most important and the toughest job during that time. Lucas Donat, a successful businessman, loves to get the most important job done before his family wakes up.

Similarly, Ellevate Network, the former president of the wealth and investment management division of Bank of America likes to do her most important task during the dawn, at 4 a.m. She thinks she works most productively during that time.

These can be few of the most successful life hacks to follow as a freelancer. You can come out something which works the best for you. So, what you would like to advise?


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