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    4 Freelancer Types Who’ll Never Make It, Ever

    December 2, 2015

December 2, 2015

4 Freelancer Types Who’ll Never Make It, Ever

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If you’re unable to grow your freelancing career, there can be many well justified reasons behind that. Freelancers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs fail because they lack clarity, courage, determination and consistency.

Scientists and experts from medical world, who study human brain and mental health, can differentiate the personalities of professionally successful and unsuccessful people. They say, few personality attributes significantly contribute to the failures of people.

Based on years of research and close observations, scientists say that few types of professionals will never be able to make it unless they consider changing their mindset. Here are the types of freelancers who will never make it because of their personality and behavioural attributes.

Freelancers Who Complain


If you’re only complaining about not having adequate resources or lack of support, you’re not doing any good to yourself. Studies show that people who complain the most are the most unhappy people. Scientists say that people who only talk about their problems are more likely to develop depression and anxiety.

Complaining too much actually lowers self esteem. When you only complain, you lose focus and hurt your self esteem. And people don’t like to be with a person with low self esteem. It makes them undesirable.

Besides, when you only pay attention to your problems, you actually forget to find solutions. This makes you more vulnerable to challenges. And thus, it makes you more stressed.

Freelancers Who Make Excuses


You will never be able to make it if you like to rely on excuses. According to Bill Gates’s one of the most popular quotes, one should try to make the work look good if he/she can’t make it good. Freelancers who always find out excuses for why something can’t be done, or why something shouldn’t be done will never be able to succeed. These types of people are not problem solvers.

Don’t let your mind focus too much on uncertainties. When you face a problem, take it as a challenge, not a threat. Therefore, it’s very important that you change your mindset. Learn to love solving problems. Only then you will refrain from making excuses.

Freelancers Who Don’t Value Time


Sir Richard Branson says that a person will never be successful if he/she doesn’t identify the fact that time is more valuable than money itself. So true, isn’t it? If you’re not good with time management, you will fail.

Similarly, if you’re not good at deciding how much time to give to which work, you will end up using your time unproductively. Freelancers who can’t dedicate time effectively toward their work goals will not prosper, or at least will take much longer time to succeed. You will have to learn time management, prioritise work and allot time to the priorities effectively.

Freelancers Who Only Think of Money, Not Adding Value


Freelancers who only think of earning money without considering adding value to their work will never be able to make it. You will never achieve financial freedom if you only think of how to make money and don’t take the importance of skills and knowledge improvisation into consideration.

People like Bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg followed their passion before they even thought about earning money from it. This is how they are different from the average.

Your chance of success will depend on how you make efforts for it. If you feel you’re making the above mentioned mistakes, think over it and change yourself.


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