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    4 Communication Hacks to Score With Clients

    October 28, 2015

October 28, 2015

4 Communication Hacks to Score With Clients

Communication Hacks To Score With Clients

Business coach and communication expert Skip Weisman believes, every aspiring businessman should develop expertise in three major communication skills – self communication, one to one communication and public or group communication skill.

However, numerous studies have indicated that a person’s listening skill plays the most important role in business success. When researchers followed the daily business communication pattern of the study participants, they found that participants spent around 45 per cent of their overall communication time listening.

Therefore, you’ll have to design an effective communication channel to build long term business relationship with the clients. Here are few things you can do –

Understand What Communication Mode Client Would Prefer


You need to contact client for regular project updates, feedback or recommendations, that’s understood. But, you will also have to understand how your client will prefer to be contacted. You can contact client via phone, email, text message, etc.

But, in an ideal professional environment, you should approach a client only via the way he/she likes. You’ll have to ask client how to contact him/her during the day to day business working hours. Remember to be respectful to client’s preferences and privacy standards.

Be Patient to Listen to What Client Has to Say


Listen carefully to client’s requirements during the face to face meetings. Give attention to every spoken words so that you can develop a clear understanding of client’s requirements and also frame your response carefully. When you listen attentively, you reduce chances of misunderstandings.

According to Forbes, around 85 per cent of what we feel we’ve learned is through listening. A good listening skill makes the clients feel you care for his project, you’re paying attention to his/her project needs, being empathetic and you are mindful.

Frame and Ask the Right Questions Before Project Kick Off


Take time to frame questions that you think you’re going to put in front of the client. Be absolute sure about your own capabilities, skills and requirements when you communicate with the client.

Also, don’t be hesitant to ask questions.
Before you even respond to client’s requirement, you should ask questions to be sure of project requirements. Ask questions like what is the end vision of the client. You must not develop your own assumptions before having a clear conversation.

Be Proactive to Stay Connected with Clients


You should always be proactive to communicate with the client. Your client would not like it if he/she has to contact you repeatedly and ask for project updates every time. Instead, you should approach your client via email to send project details and ask for recommendations.
Frequent project updates via regular communication will help you know the mistakes and misunderstandings quickly. Clear communication and occasional feedbacks will ensure project success.

Here is another scenario where prompt and proactive communication helps. If you find out a breaking news pertaining to your industry one day, don’t wait for your client’s call to talk about that.

Instead, you call your client, share the news and be bold to express your opinion about the recent industry change. This helps clients understand that you’re smart and very much aware of the latest industry events. This is how you gain client trust and confidence.

Clear and honest communication is most appreciated. Don’t keep the client waiting for your response and answers. Do you part the best you can and help the client prosper. Certainly, this will also ensure your prosperity and business success.


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