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    How Networking Skills Can Help Freelancing Career

    November 26, 2015

November 26, 2015

How Networking Skills Can Help Freelancing Career

Networking Skills

One major drawback to freelancing is loneliness. You can go out of ideas, or face challenge when trying brainstorming. Therefore, you will need to connect to many experienced industry people. Gallup Inc, which is an American management consulting company, does a lot of research and surveys on entrepreneurs and employees globally.

According to Gallup, no businessman can survive without an increasing focus on knowledge.

Networking is a very effective tool that you can use to gather information and knowledge. When you meet experienced people with an wide area of expertise and talent, you learn and absorb knowledge through information exchange. Hence, here you will find how networking skills can help your freelancing career.

Cambridge University Study Shows Networking Importance


According to a Cambridge University study, the benefits of networking can be noticed at various stages of a business. Networking can be very helpful even if a business is in the conceptualisation stage.

So, if you’re a solopreneur or a freelancer, networking will help you build confidence. You will talk to many people, let them know about your work, get an idea what you’re doing wrong and take suggestions. Networking will help you evaluate your own work. You will be able to know what others, pursuing the same professional aspirations, are doing for freelancing growth. So, networking is important for self assessment and evaluation.

Networking Helps in Decision Making


According to Gallup Inc, networking is actually a tool for relationship building. But, solopreneurs and freelancers can use this excellent relationship building tool to engage with their end clients. With networking you try to build a social group.

And when the time comes, you get help from this social group in terms of exchange of ideas, information, source of motivation, to raise funds and increase your popularity. Networking can help you make a well aware and conscious professional decisions.

Networking with the target clients will help you connect to them at a personal level. And gradually over time, you build a sense of trust, optimism and personal integrity. Your knowledge, expertise and interests will help you build a group of like minded people. You will be able to grow your freelancing business by maintaining a mutually supportive relation with your connections.

Opportunity for Partnerships


Networking can help you become a known face. You will be known among your social groups for your work and active participation in group matters. This is how you actually create your professional reputation. But besides that, you will also have opportunities for collaborations.

If a company or a small business likes your work, they can contact you for establishing business partnership. You can work as a freelancer for the business and help in business development, expansion and other things.

The more you try to build reputation among the interested audiences, the better for you. You have to develop very good interpersonal skills to be able to take advantage of networking. You will have to learn public speaking, get out of the comfort zone and ask your audience how you can help them. Your connections will love your productiveness.

And this is how you get to show your skills, expertise and emotional intelligence.


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