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    3 Ways B2B Freelancers Can Grow Their Business

    November 25, 2015

November 25, 2015

3 Ways B2B Freelancers Can Grow Their Business


Freelancers must do market research to understand who are their prospective clients and where they come from. Entrepreneur.com listed 8 most successful online entrepreneurs who had excellent individual strategies to attract the target customers and grow their businesses.

Freelancers can’t expect to increase their earnings simply registering to an online freelancing platform and waiting to grab a job. You’ll have to spread your wings. Go to places where clients will notice your talent, understand your ability and your offerings. Hence, little bit of market research will be required to ensure consistent business growth.

You will have to spread words, talk to interested people, and sometimes, create demand for your skills and services. Here are the 4 ways every freelancer should try to ensure consistent earnings and business growth –

Market Research


There are many quick market research tools available. You can start with keyword research, which will perhaps be one of the easiest ways to understand the target audience. Understand what people are looking for in your niche.

Market research also involves getting insight of the current competition. If you want to understand who will be willing to buy your services, you will have to understand the market competition and competitors. That is why it’s also very important for you to understand what your competitors are doing, how they are better from you, how much they are charging to offer the same kind of service, etc.

Next, read blogs. Find out the most reputed blogs in your niche and try to track what people are talking about and asking for.

Build Audience on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform for B2B freelancers. According to hubspot.com, linkedIn is 277 per cent more effective in generating business leads than any other social media platforms.

B2B freelancers should build a nice profile on this excellent platform and try get connected to industry people. Try to get connected to experts and influencers in your niche and build groups of like minded people.

Always participate in blog post discussions and publish your own posts to get attention. It’s a very effective platform for freelancers trying to build reputation and their own brand. Socialmediaexaminer explains how you can attract more prospective leads on LinkedIn.

Build a Blog for Branding


Build a blog of your own to build a brand. Also, if your blog gets popular, you can use it several other ways to earn handsome monthly income. You can earn via advertising, affiliate marketing or selling other things like market research reports and ebooks.

Entrepreneurs-journey compiles quite a few fascinating case studies that show how few bloggers make around $4000 – $8000 a month via their blogs.

You can follow famous internet marketers to learn about viral marketing through blogging. Blogging can actually help you bring organic traffic from various sources, build reputation, generate leads and make money. However, this is not easy. You will need to try seriously and consistently.

Build your reputation to increase your income as a freelancer. You need to gain trust of the clients. And for that, you’ll have to show how you can become a potential asset to them.


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