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    3 Productivity Tips For Busy Freelancers 

    December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

3 Productivity Tips For Busy Freelancers 

productivity tips for freelancers

World Health Organization (WHO) says that our eating habit directly impacts our productivity level. WHO claims that adequate intake of nutritious food can improve national productivity almost by 20 per cent.

Therefore, healthy eating habit is something which you should definitely take into consideration, if you’re concerned about how to improve productivity.

But, this is one of many important factors that can help in increasing your concentration, focus, attention, mental health and work turnaround. You also need to develop helpful habits. Below you will find few productivity tips for the busy freelancers –

Happiness Leads to Better Productivity


Shawn Achor is a positive psychology expert. He has been studying how human personality and mental health condition impact success for many years. After years of research, he has come up with an excellent unconventional perspective to improve productivity and success.

Shawn Achor says that people should try to be happy to be successful, which is quite the opposite to our conventional belief. We think that success can make us happy. But, it’s not. Several research findings have conclude that it’s happiness that leads people to success. Happy and mentally satisfied people are smart, highly productive, and therefore, successful. Read Shawn Achor’s article about how to be happy during the working hours and at workplace.

According to Shawn, simples things like making the working environment interesting, changing the color of the wall, being with people and changing the mindset can be extremely helpful for improving productivity.

Refrain From Extreme Visualization of Success to Improve Productivity


Extreme visualisation of success doesn’t work. Science has discovered that imagining success too much can actually work against productivity.

You definitely should have a goal and be optimistic. But, thinking too much about it will not be helpful. Your brain will gradually start to think that imagining success will be enough to produce result and no real hard work and effort will be needed.

Therefore, constant visualisation of success can actually affect your productivity. You should set a goal. But, additional efforts are also necessary if you want to accomplish your goal. Stop thinking too much, and start taking actions to improve productivity and end results.

Say No to Multitasking to Improve Productivity


It has been proved long back that multitasking is a myth. For example, a study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research has found that employees who tried to multitask produced extremely poor quality of work. However, employees who tried to focus on one task at a time produced a much better outcome.

If you’re thinking that multitasking can save your time, that’s wrong. It’s time to understand that multitasking is not a thing to be proud of. Multitasking actually wastes time and declines productivity. So, never be too inspired to work on several things simultaneously.

It’s better that you try to improve focus and concentration instead. Try out tools and techniques to improve attention. It will dramatically improve your productivity.

Each person has his/her unique reason to be happy. Find out what makes you feel confident and improves your self esteem. If you feel happy to read some kind of book, help others, be with a friend, or do frequent shopping, try all these to help yourself and improve productivity.


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