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    3 Occasions When Freelancers Need Perseverance

    January 12, 2016

January 12, 2016

3 Occasions When Freelancers Need Perseverance

Freelancers Need Perseverance

Do you feel stuck, or sometimes, downhearted for not being able to manage your freelancing growth as expected? Almost all successful freelancers say that they dislike at least one aspect of freelancing. But, who says that being a freelancer means that you will have the easiest way to earn a great income? Freelancing is hard. But, you will grow if you’ve perseverance.

As you will have the freedom to do anything you want to do to your business, you will certainly enjoy some unbeatable benefits over the people who do regular jobs. You will just need to stay cool, calm, be patient to adversities and stick to your faith during the difficult times. Here are the times when you will need perseverance for success –

When You Have No Jobs in Hand


This will be one of the most difficult times. Sometimes, you may not even have right numbers of jobs to generate a convincing monthly income. It will be easier to lose interest at that time. It might seem your struggle is never going to end. But, this is the time when you should hold onto perseverance. Carrier Smith was in $14, 000 debt when she started her freelancing career. But, she decided to stick to freelancing and thought out ways to increase income and pay her debt off.

Therefore, instead of giving yourself to dark thoughts, use your time to learn more about how to grow a freelance business.

When You Feel Your Freelancing Career Shows No Signs of Progress


If you didn’t experience such moments yet, you will have during the downtimes. Freelancing or consulting, they never assure stable and consistent flow of opportunities. There will be some good times with lots of great projects and great income. And sometimes, you will feel like your luck has turned its back on you.

What you should do? You should remember that you need perseverance. Stay calm and figure out what can be done to handle the situation. Learn more about freelancing skills and ways to grow a business. Read how successful people find out creative means to increase their income. For example, a freelance expert described how she earned thousands of dollars with a single blog.

When You’re Afraid to Ask for a Fair Price


Experts say one of the biggest mistakes that most freelancers make during the initial years is being too afraid to ask for a fair price. You can’t grow being too afraid. It’s normal to fear, but, if you want growth, you’ve to learn to manage fear. When you’re in freelancing, you will have to keep continuing hard work and ask for price you deserve. If you think you’re not getting quick response, be patient and stick to perseverance. You will have to get over the fear of losing clients. If you’ve to let some business go for a while, let it be. By that time, learn what can be done to improve the charm of your portfolio, how to market your skills or improve the scope of earnings.

Freelancing has many challenges and threats that not many professionals would like to deal with. Most of the times, you’ll be alone when you’ll have to manage bundle of responsibilities. But, as mentioned earlier, your growth will be unavoidable if you correctly work on self development and can maintain perseverance


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