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    3 Non-Business Websites To Gain Daily Inspiration From

    December 3, 2015

December 3, 2015

3 Non-Business Websites To Gain Daily Inspiration From

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Not everyone’s mindset has equal ability to handle stress and problems. Whether you’re a freelancer or an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ll have to rightly wire your brain and mindset so that you can move ahead with your dream projects amidst the odds.

Do you read about positive psychology? Positive psychology is an extremely important field of study that closely monitors the effect of human behavior, actions and decisions on happiness, motivation and positivity. If you read about it, you’ll get to know how different simple daily acts are enough to fill your mind with positivity and motivation.

Harvard scientists have unveiled that what makes us positive and more productive is our happiness. And according to positive psychology, money is never the sole driver of happiness. Instead, happiness can come from act of kindness, love, intention of help, spreading good words, etc. Read more about positive thinking and motivation. Would you like to know which are the great non business websites to get daily inspiration from? Here are a few you can try –



Forbes recommends this website as one of the most influential personal development blogs. Marc and Angel both started this blog together. They have helped thousands of readers through their excellent resources like books, coaching, blog and courses. This site has around 700 articles about developing confidence, other self help topics, life, happiness, motivation, etc.

Take a look at their blog to read their vast range of articles about personal development. They also welcome well known experts and professionals to contribute as a guest writer to their site. So many of the articles you will find there are written by professional psychologists and health experts.

Motivation Grid


Do you like to read inspirational stories? If you do, then this website could be an excellent resource to get daily motivation from. This website has several categories like inspirational stories, motivational videos, famous quotes, life hacks, etc, which can be extremely helpful sometimes.

Some stories are very inspiring here. You will learn how some people, who are experts and well known professionals in their filed now, have endured extensive odd situations in life and got over it with mental strength and mind power.

This is the place to read about biographies and stories of struggles and hardships of successful people. Reading these types of sites you will help you know how to gradually improve mental strength over time and build resilience.

The Mind Unleashed


The Mind Unleashed is another very successful blog that provides ample number of information on personal development, human mind, mental health, physical health, science, inspiration, etc. This is an information hub that builds knowledge and increases awareness about positive thinking.

Lets say you want information about how to get over a past trauma, regret, or handle criticism to be able to focus productively on your work. Here you will get numbers of helpful articles written providing tips and tricks on this.

Remember, no one can make you happy and inspired except yourself. Reading these posts, blogs and books could be a help. But, nothing will change until you would like to change.


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