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    3 Habits to Give Up to Grow Freelancing Business in 2016

    January 13, 2016

January 13, 2016

3 Habits to Give Up to Grow Freelancing Business in 2016

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Promise yourself that you won’t let this year go in vain. This year you’ll work harder to develop new productive habits and achieve incredible success in freelancing. Scientists say you can break the chain pattern of a habit by using three principles.

The first principle is changing the environment that prompts you to repeat the bad habits. You have to keep yourself away from the reasons or triggers. For example, if you’re not able to wake up early morning and start working because you fail to go to bed on time in night, find out why that happens every day. Try to stop or keep yourself away from the causing factor. The second principle is repeating the new habits again and again. Scientists say a person can master a new habit between 15 days and 254 days.

The third principle is deciding to perform a cue task which will help you remember your new habit. If you want to make flossing a daily habit, you’ve to make sure you do that after you brush your teeth. So, every time you’ll brush your teeth, you will remember to floss them. Now, let’s see which habits you should stop this year to double fold the success of your freelancing career.


Avoiding New Learning Opportunities

The moment you stop learning, you stop every possibilities of growth and success. Why do you’ve to stop learning the moment you start earning? Also, your earning will also increase with your increasing number of skills and expertise. You can increase your value as a freelancer by learning new skills for free. If you’re a photographer, you still can learn creative writing and web designing to have your own amazing blog and make some tutorial content which can help readers gain knowledge about photography skills. If you’ve a habit to avoid new learning opportunities, try challenge that from this year.


Making Lame Excuses for Not Doing Physical Activities

Doing regular exercises is one of the avidly followed habits found in highly creative people. If you’ve a habit of making bad excuses whenever it comes to doing some physical fitness activities, promise yourself that you’ll get rid of this tendency. No matter how busy you’re, you still can manage 30 minutes of time from your daily schedule if you know how to manage your time and prioritize things. If you want to have a great career in freelancing, you must target having a great health first. If you don’t have a strong motivational mind, you will quickly be depressed, lose interest in the face of a challenging task. Exercise should be an unavoidable part of your life.


Ignoring Reading Habit

If you’ve a habit of ignoring reading, this year you must work on this. You shouldn’t at all ignore reading as it has many benefits and can help in your freelancing career numbers of ways. Reading habit helps to develop the mind. If you’re a freelance web designer, you can read magazines or articles on latest developments. You can start your education and gain certifications on new skills. If you’re a writer, then you’re going to have huge benefits from reading. Reading will help you hone your comprehension skill, improve your vocabulary and analytical thoughts.

Therefore, this year you should only concentrate on getting rid of all habits which stop your growth and scope of success. You shouldn’t be doing anything which only demotivate, destress or drain your energy unnecessarily. Develop new habits to be successful in freelancing.


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